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HOCKEY WIFE UPDATE! Kristina Regehr REFINEs Company name to make all her WYSHes come true.

Starting up a business can be hard work. The idea, vision, and dream are easy to come up with but fine tuning the particulars can be a tricky task. For Kristina, her talents shine as she creates memorable and unique custom jewels and gems for you or someone special in your life. You can't keep me from double tapping her creations. I double tap that everyday on Instagram. I notice that many of you continue to read my June feature on Kristina on my "Doing It Right: The Life of a Hockey Wife" series {Thank you by the way}, so I wanted to make sure that you all are in the know of how to get some of these amazing hand crafted necklaces, bracelets, and earrings {see below to view some of her creations}. One of the road bumps that Kristina ran into on her entrepreneurial journey was playing the name game. Unfortuanately, the beautiful name 'FINERY', inspired by a Lordes song, was already taken by another company and Kristina was forced to choose a more amazing and fitting name to represent her and her company. This is often a hiccup that is hard to swallow once you have already committed to and created a vision of your company. But nothing was stopping this hard working wife and momma. Without further ado.... DRUM ROLL....... Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for the new name of Kristina Regehr's jewelry line, WYSH COLLECTIVE!

Some of her "bullet-casing" inspired designs

WYSH Collective is a perfect name to represent her company as the name is a reflection of the time and effort she takes in collecting her gems. As well, it also representing the talented team that stands behind her from jewel setting to straight up just loving and supporting her. Her biggest fans are also an inspiration behind the name. Kristina and Robyn have two flipping' adorable little dudes named WYatt and SHane that shape the new name of her company. I personally love this name a million times more because it comes from her roots and it encapsulates all that she is passionate about. Finery was beautiful, but nothing can be more beautiful than sticking to your roots and fostering growth from the inside out. I have taken pride in watching this company flourish for my new friend. The online store will be up and running in the New Year but if you are really jonesin' for some custom jewels, you can follow and message her on Instagram at: wysh.collective OR order by email at: ALSO, if you are in the YYC {Calgary, Canada} area you can catch Kristina at one of the local boutiques carrying the WYSH line. Check out WYSH COLLECTIVE! You WON'T be sorry. Thanks for checking in! Wishing you a safe and happy holiday! Love you all, K.

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