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  • protect all jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and sunlight.

  • after each wearing, gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean of make up and skin oils with a 100% cotton cloth.

  • store jewelry separately so it doesn’t scratch other jewelry.

  • remove jewelry when doing household tasks such as gardening, cleaning, household repairs or other strenuous


  • apply make-up and hair spray before putting on your jewelry. make-up and hair spray contain chemicals that

    may affect your jewelry.

  • do not store jewelry next to heating vents, window sills, or in the car.

  • store jewelry away from sunlight. the sun may fade some gemstones.

  • do not wear jewelry while in a pool, hot tub or bathing. The chlorine in the water can damage various gemstones and metals including gold.

  • frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain its true beauty. Salt water, chlorine in swimming pools, soap,

    perfumes, personal products and perspiration take their toll on all fine jewelry. Wipe your jewelry carefully with a soft cloth to keep it clean and enjoy! 

  • Special Note regarding Bullet necklaces: The glass is very fragile, please be extra careful when handling as the glass will break if it is knocked against anything. Do not wear through airport security or take in carry on luggage. They consider Bullet jewelry as 'ammunition'. They may confiscate or ask you to mail it back to yourself if unable to put in checked luggage.


  • ​Items are refundable for store credit of equal or lesser value within 14 days when returned in original condition. Shipping is non-refundable.  

  • All custom orders are final sale.

  • All customs and duties charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

  • Please note that jewelry is delicate by nature, especially when made by hand. I understand that accidents happen and I want you to wear your WYSH pieces for years to come. I will repair any WYSH pieces at no cost to you within 120 days of purchase, minus the cost of any new materials that would need to be ordered. Shipping costs are your responsibility. After 120 days, I will still repair your piece, but at your expense. Repairs will be assessed on an individual basis.

  • As each item is made by hand and made to order, I appreciate your patience when waiting for your piece of jewelry. I try my best to complete orders in a timely manner, but there are times when items take longer depending on the nature of the piece and time of year. I also cannot control the turn around time of my suppliers. Often I am waiting on them to ship me materials to make your piece. Items are usually completed within 30 days or less and should arrive within 7-14 days of shipping, but international orders can take longer depending on the type of shipping I use. You will always have the option of faster shipping using Fed Ex, UPS or DHL at a higher cost. I will use tracking on all shipments regardless of type whenever possible.

  • Please know that a portion of each sale will go to charity.

  • Thank you for supporting my small business!

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